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 Post subject: Walt Disney Strategy - from Diana Beaver
PostPosted: Thu Apr 01, 2004 3:54 pm 
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Walt Disney's Strategy

For turning dreams into reality.

Those who worked with him said that there were three Disneys: the Dreamer, the Realist and the Critic. And the only problem was that you never knew which one was going to turn up for your meeting.

Robert Dilts, of the NLP University in California, worked with Disney, and converted this strategy into something useful and powerful, which we can all use for our dreams.

The Dream:

Everything you see around you is the result of somebody's dream. There were no chairs, no windows, no glass, no buildings - until somebody dreamed up the idea, and carried it through. People dream supposedly impossible things: for example, Leonardo da Vinci dreamed about helicopters in the 15th century; and other people may take it upon themselves to ridicule these dreams - but that is their problem!

Step 1. Go into Dreaming Mode

Step into the space you have chosen, where you can dream away to your heart's content.

Dreaming is all about pictures in your mind's eye; so you will be standing upright, and your eyes will be up - because that is where we file pictures, in our brains. (You will have noticed how when people say: 'let me see', they look up.)

The trick, in this space, is to allow your dreams to be as crazy as they want to be - this is just the dreaming space: your realist and your critic will have their turn in due course - so let your dreams run riot!

When you have dreamed the ultimate dream, step out of that space, and choose another space.

Step 2. Go into Realist Mode

In the realist's space, you are going to become the logistics expert. What is going to have to be done, in order to achieve this dream. What resources will you need to provide? What modifications need to be made to the dream, in order to make it achievable?

In this space, you will be detached from the dream, and have your feet firmly on the ground. It is practical questions you are dealing with here.

When you have worked out how to achieve each step, and made all the necessary modifications to the dream, step out of the realist's space, and move to the critic's space (an equal distance from the dreamer and the realist - in other words: the critics space forms the third angle of an equilateral triangle)

Step 3. Go into Critic Mode

The critic has a very important job. He/she is there to make sure you don't make a complete fool of yourself; lose all your money; get sent to prison, and so on. The critic's advice is vital: the critic's job is to keep you safe.

Most of us try to ignore our critic, thinking of him/her as a nit-picking misery guts - which he or she may well become - if ignored. Whatever you say or do, your critic will persist in trying to keep you safe, so it would seem sensible to pay attention in the first place!

The critic's job is to think up everything that can possibly go wrong with your master plan; and every possible bad side effect - so that you can be prepared for anything.

In critic mode, you may find you have your hand by your mouth, as you talk things through with yourself. You may be looking down, towards the hand you don't write with, as you discuss yes/no questions with yourself. Once again, you are detached from the dream. And, most importantly, it is the dream you are criticising, not the dreamer.

Listen carefully to everything that comes up, and be prepared to modify the dream still further. For example: your realist may have worked out how to fly a pair of red knickers from the top of the church tower, but you need to pay attention to the critic's warnings that this may upset not only the church, but also your friends and neighbours. Ask yourself what your outcome is for flying the red knickers. How can you achieve this outcome without upsetting the people you don't want to upset? Then you can modify the dream accordingly.

When you have dealt with everything to the critic's entire satisfaction, move on to

Step 4. Back into the Dreaming Space

Dream the modified dream. What does it look like? Does it still achieve what you want to achieve in its more workable form? Test it out. Dream some more: now that the original dream is more workable, what other ideas come up? Once again, allow yourself plenty of time and space. Then move on.

Step 5. Back into the Realist's Space

Now apply your practical, logistical mind to the modified dream. How are you going to achieve it?

Step 6. Back into the Critic's Space

The dream has been modified according to your suggestions (and maybe more has been added), and the realist has worked out how to achieve it. So what do you think of it now? Is there anything else you are not happy with? Talk it through with yourself and, once again, pay careful attention to anything that may come up.

If there is anything new, go through Steps 4, 5 and 6 again, until all three of you are completely happy with the whole project. And, when this is so, move on to

Step 7. Getting Your Act Together

You have been playing three different people in order to separate your project into its component parts - rather than having all your thoughts swirling around your head in a muddled mass. Now is the time to get it all together.

You are going to turn your triangle into a circle by walking through the three spaces four or five times, to bring each task - and the thoughts and attitudes that go with them - back into yourself. You might like to sing a song, as you walk the circle - to distract your conscious mind, and allow your unconscious mind to absorb and enjoy all the benefits you have received from your dreamer, your realist and your critic.

You are now all set to turn your dream into reality, and you can allow Walt Disney to be proud of you.

Taken from the site: http://www.dianabeaver.co.uk/acatalog/W ... ategy.html

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