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Шаман, типа...

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Verbal Telepathic Communication

The foregoing experiment involved the transmission of a picture. No ideas or messages were included. Sending a picture is simpler and easier than trying to transmit a message or an idea. A picture is a direct visual experience. There is no mistaking what you see and this makes possible a certain "purity" of sending which is much more difficult to attain when you try to transmit a message. A message involves words and words in themselves are symbols. A double process is therefore required at each end, the idea or thought must be couched in words which accurately express it in the mind of the sender; the word or words are then
sent and when received they must be decoded by the receiver and translated back into ideas or thoughts. Even when this has been done, there is no guarantee that your interpretation of the word received is the one with which the sender intended to endow it when it was sent to you.
It is true, this hazard also exists in oral speech, but to a lesser degree. A single word is seldom spoken. Usually there is a rush of language, with each word supported by the ones that preceded it and those that follow, and all are enhanced by intonation and the magic of the speaker's personality.
Because of this more involved technique in verbal telepathy and the increased possibility of error, the training is much more rigorous. You must begin with single words. Not before you have acquired assurance in sending one word at a time can you contemplate sending sentences, much less complete ideas. Patanjali, the great Hindu Sage and Teacher, recommends the following technique:
1. Study the form of the word; study it symbolically as a word picture.
2. Study it from the angle or quality, of beauty, of desire.
3. Study its underlying purpose and teaching value as well as its mental appeal.
4. Study its very being and attempt to identify yourself with its divine underlying idea.
As you can see, the process gradually lifts your consideration of the word to ever-higher levels in your consciousness. When you have achieved the highest possible, then send out the word to the receiver, who in turn should endeavor to maintain his attention on the highest mental level of which he is capable. In sending, it is frequently helpful if the sender will actually articulate the
word softly and clearly as he releases it from his consciousness.
The art of communicating with one another has come a long way. It started with the sense of touch a million, maybe two million years ago. The next step was sound, not words but cries of joy, of pain, gurgles of ecstasy, groans of anguish. Next came symbols, gestures of the arms and body, indications of the head.
The sign language of the American Indian is a sophisticated outgrowth of this earlier method of communication by signs, which antedated speech. Hundreds of thousands of years elapsed between the first groping efforts to communicate by touch and the articulation of words. Words then grew into sentences and sentences into language. Eventually writing developed, first as a representation of the gestures of sign communication, then as pictures of events. Finally these earlier pictures became conventionalized into letters and words.
The various arts marked man's next step upward in his efforts to convey his thoughts and impressions to others. Sculpture, crude at first, then becoming more stylized, followed by music and then by painting and poetry. This is where the world stands today. The higher means of communication still to be mastered
are telepathy, which we study here, inspiration and eventually illumination. Yes, these last are forms of communication, as you will realize if you consider them for a moment. True, they are not the man-to-man communication of telepathy, but refer to a man's ability to make contact with and draw upon realms of knowledge beyond our most fantastic imagining. Illumination comes only as a result of tremendous control and vast development. This is well beyond the average individual. But everyone above a certain mental level does experience flashes of inspiration. This latent ability can be developed, and I will give you some suggestions in Chapter Twelve on how you may do this.
To recapitulate, let me say that successful mental telepathy depends upon the following:
1. The channel between the sender and receiver must be kept open. Any criticism spoken or only implied, any suspicion or resentment of one for the other, any impatience or irritation on the part of either, will break the contact.
2. The sender must concentrate on sending. There will be many temptations to let his mind wander, even to think overmuch of the receiver or the technique being employed. The receiver should be designated in an early visualization, then put out of the mind while the entire effort is to visualize with clarity and then release with love the message to be sent.
3. For his part, the receiver should think of the sender for just a moment or two and then after sending him a wave of love-attraction, put the personality out of mind. From that point onward the receiver must be truly detached if maximum success is to be achieved. He must maintain what can best be described as a "don't-care" attitude. Any anxiety about failure or a strong desire for success will be self-defeating.
4. Possibly the greatest difficulty the receiver will encounter is the quieting of his own thoughts. As long as they are active the energy they generate will radiate and create a magnetic wall which will block out any incoming thought energy.
The receiver must learn how to relax his mind, must indeed practice this beforehand and become proficient in order to insure success.
You are ready to learn telepathy. You have probably had many experiences with telepathic contact, some of which you recognized, some not. This is a faculty inherent in all humans and requires only attention and practice for its development. The human race needs to relearn telepathy and within 500 years it
will again become an accepted mode of communication for a large, a very large, segment of humanity. You are ready for it now and can learn it through conscientious effort and hard practice. If you set yourself to do this and are successful you will benefit yourself in many ways, but what is even more important, you will be contributing to the advancement of the entire human race. I urge you to be a pioneer. The rewards are very great.

How to Generate and Apply
Psychic Energy

Earlier in the book is was pointed out that we live in a sea of
energy almost like fish live in water, except that this energy
interpenetrates us completely. Now we will examine this energy
and in particular one specific type which the Rosicrucians refer
to as soul or psychic energy.
We are dual beings. Our physical body is animated by physical
energy and we are led normally to thoughts, desires and actions
which add to the well-being of this body. But we are also led
quite frequently to perform actions which appear to be contrary
to our body's best interests. A hungry mother gives her last morsel
o£ food to her child, a man risks and sometimes loses his life to
save another, a soldier bravely faces almost certain death to cap-
ture an enemy stronghold. It would be difficult to prove that any
one of these acts is good for the body. Yet similar deeds are per-
formed daily by people all over the world, usually with the
approval and often the applause of their fellowmen. Why is this?
The answer you know. We do not regard ourselves as mere
physical entities. We understand that our physical equipment is
inhabited and guided by a more subtle form of energy which we
call the soul and this soul has different objectives and different
ideals from the body. Frequently these appear at cross-purposes
and cause inner conflict. Sometimes this is decided in favor of the
physical, at other times the soul's preferences prevail. All the fore going is obvious and I mention it only to emphasize what is too
often overlooked.

The soul clearly has objectives of its own, some of which seem
to be decidedly contrary to our (physical) best interests. It has also
the power to drive people to achieve these objectives and, what
is more, to make those objectives seem so desirable and praise-
worthy that others applaud the one who strives to obtain them.
Have you ever stopped to consider how much energy this takes?
An energy which drives people, millions of people, to act against
their own welfare, health and security must be powerful indeed.
As you consider this are you not impressed with the great power
of the soul? But do you use it? Have you ever tried to use it? Very
few people consciously use or even try to use psychic energy. Yet
most or us respond to ana are used \>y it. The 'Ros'icruc'ians teach
the nature of this remarkable energy, the laws under which it
functions and how we may employ it. When it said in the Bible
that man was given dominion over all creation it meant just that.
We have the power. It is up to us to learn how to use it.
To the beginner his attempts to employ psychic energy are
like trying to hold a handful of water; the harder he grasps, the
less he retains. At the start therefore it is better to direct this
energy to someone else. You will have quicker success and. it is
safer too. Until you understand and know how to use it, the more psychic energy you draw to yourself, the more problems you will
have. All energy is from the same Source and is therefore basically
the same. At the Source it is exceedingly fine and vibrates at an
unbelievably high rate. As it makes its way down to the physical
level it becomes progressively less tenuous and its vibratory rate
lowers. The psychic energy which you may accumulate has this
same descending tendency and, like rain falling upon a field, it
fills all the holes and lower spots first. It need not, but to delay
this downward progress you must know how to capture and hold
it. If you do not, all facets of your nature will be stimulated and
the most powerful (the largest holes in the field), your greatest
•weaknesses in other words, will get the most energy and receive
the greatest stimulation. This is the reason why so many would-be
mystics and students of the occult seem to become evil instead of
good. They begin to attract psychic energy but only a small
portion of what they obtain is used to stimulate their minds and
higher emotions. The bulk of it drifts on down into the lower
emotions and physical appetites and in a short time these people
whose original intentions were o£ the best become egotistical,
dogmatic, power hungry and in some cases even lecherous and
dissolute. Energy is energy. It's what is done with it that makes
the difference.
The soul understands the energy of its own level and uses it to
raise the consciousness o£ men. We are not meant to live as
animals. Gradually the energy poured into us by our souls is
lifting up humanity. But we still have a long way to go and
anything you can do to speed up this process within yourself or
for others is helpful and praiseworthy. Compare the average level
of awareness and understanding today with that of one thousand
years ago and consider the change that has taken place. True, we
still lean heavily on violence to achieve national objectives but
even here the weight of popular thinking is beginning to tell.
Most other accepted cruelties and barbarisms have been elimi-
nated or greatly inhibited. No longer is "an eye tor an eye" and
"a tooth tor a tooth" the highest known form o£ justice, but
mercy and understanding are beginning to show themselves in
man's dealings with his fellow creatures. If such great changes
have already occurred can we complacently assume there are no
more to come? Should we not be encouraged to believe the
surface of man's abilities has barely been scratched and that the
days to come will produce far more remarkable changes and
The Rosicrucians say so and offer as proof the lessons and
techniques which enable an earnest student to unfold remarkable
hidden abilities in his own nature. One of these is a method
for acquiring, retaining and employing psychic energy. I should
not emphasize the way we get psychic energy because this is a
normal process. We acquire it all the time in the air we breathe.
True, this can be speeded up and I will explain how. But a real
technique is required to retain and control this energy after
you have obtained it. Normally, we misuse and dissipate it as
fast as we get it. These pitfalls must be avoided and when you
learn where they lie, you can avoid them.

Speeding up the Accumulation of Psychic Energy

There are many ways in which you can speed up the accumula-
tion of psychic energy. There are some substances that store it.
Pine needles, particularly the short, new green shoots, will radiate
this energy into your finger tips. Just touch the tip of each finger
and thumb to the points of the needles and iiold them in that
position for two or three minutes. This will give you a slight
charge of psychic energy and if repeated daily, two or three times
each day for a few weeks, there will be a noticeable strengthening
in your aura and your entire etheric-mental nature. This is a
particularly good treatment tor people who have been sick or are
run down and their energies are at low ebb. The treatment
should be practiced with the bough still growing on the tree and
not cut off from it.
Another very helpful ingredient is musk. U.S.P. musk can be
purchased from most high-grade drug suppliers. The best musk
came originally from China and there is still some on the market.
I believe a Tibetan musk is now being imported. All musk is
expensive, usually about $100 an ounce. But no great amount
is needed. A half ounce kept well sealed in a bottle will last a
long time since only two or three grains are taken at one time.
The musk should be in tiny, dark granules and have a slightly
aromatic odor. It should also be very slightly oily in appearance.
A dosage consists of two or three grains, which may be taken by
moistening the tip of a finger and then dipping it into the
container. A few granules will adhere to the moist fingertip, and
these are sufficient. Since musk has a most pronounced stimulat-
ing effect, no more than two doses should be taken in any one day
and never within three hours of retiring. The ancient kings and
rulers in India and China took musk before making any serious
decision involving the welfare of their country, believing that its
potency sharpened their brains and enabled them to think more
clearly. You can do the same.
Let me remind you again at this point that the energy you may
thus acquire will go where you send it or where it is led. Do not
make the mistake of increasing your psychic energy and then
permit it to be wasted in physical indulgence. This road leads to
The easiest, simplest and most usual method of increasing
psychic energy is by means of the breath. Yes, your breath, but not
by ordinary, normal breathing. The energy is acquired by retaining
the breath in the lungs for a specified period and then when it is
released by allowing it to vibrate or rasp over the root of the
palate as you let it out through your nose with your mouth
closed. The explanation is that the air, our atmosphere, is
charged with many grades and levels of energy. When you
breathe normally and rhythmically without conscious attention,
the energy you acquire is the positive counterpart of the so-called
negative energy you have taken into your system in the form of
food and drink. Without the energy of the air to complete it,
this negative energy is useless in the human machine—no air, no
energy, and the machine soon ceases to function. The same is true
if the positive energy of air is supplied but the negative energy
from food and drink is not. The end may not be so quick because
the human system stores a great deal of food and water in its
tissues and as long as this holds out you live—but when it is
exhausted you die.
Normally, this physical energy is the only form you retain from
the air you breathe, the energy which keeps you alive and able to
feel, think and act. But there are many higher grades of energy
in the air, some of which we can extract with but little practice.
Others of higher quality require that our equipment first be
refined and this takes time and effort. Let me first give you twu
techniques for extracting certain grades of psychic energy from
the air and then let us discuss them. After that we can then speak
of the higher grades and suggest methods of approach to them.
Here is the first breathing technique:
1. Stand before an open window or out of doors or any place
where you can get clear, fresh air.
2. Separate your feet and stretch your arms out horizontally
at your sides.
3. Breathe in to the count of five.
4. Then immediately breathe out to the count of ten. Be sure
the counting is at the same pace for both in-breathing and
out-breathing, i
5. Repeat this breathing cycle ten times. •
6. This exercise may also be performed with almost equal
benefit while sitting erect in a chair or even while walking
in the open.
For maximum benefit do this exercise at least once every day
but two or three times, will be better. It can be performed almost
anywhere, in your home, at an office or while walking in the
It is well to begin with the foregoing breathing exercise but
after a month you may add the following more sophisticated
1. Sit comfortably in a chair. Hold your back straight and
your head erect. Cross your feet at the ankles, not the knees,
and hold them touching. Clasp your hands in your lap, or if
you prefer, before your breast as it in prayer.
2. Take a deep breath through your nose and count rhyth-
mically to yourself as you do. The intake should cover the
period of eight counts. Pace it so, exactly.
3. Now hold your breath in your lungs for exactly twelve
counts. Don't speed up and don't slow down. Count rhyth-
4. Let the air out through your nose. Pace it to cover ten
counts. With a little practice this is easy and after a while
the timing will become so natural you won't have to count.
As you breathe out consciously direct the flow of outgoing
air to the spot where it enters the nasal passage from the
throat. This is about at the root of the palate. Feel the air
going past this sensitive spot and accompany the flow of air
with a slightly audible vibration like a purring or humming
sound. Continue this consciously induced vibration as long
as the air continues its outward flow.
5. Repeat the foregoing five times.
If you take into your lungs more air than is needed to balance
off the negative elements in the blood in the lungs and retain it
longer than the balancing process requires, two things happen.
First, the positive elements tend to dominate and turn the bal-
ance of your physical body to the positive side. Second, the finer
energies in the air itself seek to manifest and since each human
being has a built-in response mechanism for these energies, this
mechanism starts to function. You then begin to accumulate
psychic energy, and you will acquire some each time you do this.
At first only a little, but as you continue to practice your interior
equipment will limber up and become more efficient. The slight
vibration at the base of your palate during the exhaling speeds
this up.
This exercise should be performed in its entirety at least once
a day and it may be used three or four times a day. After you have
gone through it once, test it. Separate your hands and then bring
them close without touching. Cup your palms and, with thumbs
opposing, bring each finger close to its corresponding finger on
the other hand. Keep them about a half inch apart and breathe
normally. You will then feel the energy, which will tingle at your
finger tips. If the room is dark and you have a mirror before you,
you will see a bluish haze between your hands. This is psychic
energy. Now that you have accumulated some extra energy of
high quality, learn how to conserve it and use it properly. Do not
debase it and don't throw it away.
I cannot dwell enough on the ways we all waste energy. If a
complete tabulation were attempted it could fill several books.
In general though, the greatest waste for the average person
comes from indulging the lower emotions, appetites and passions.
If you like power, if this is your weakness, the additional psychic
energy will enable you to gain a little more power and once this
is gained you will want more and more. This will cause you to
become dissatisfied and unhappy unless you awaken to your
error and correct it. The same or a similar road lies before the
vain and proud and an equally difficult path faces those who
dissipate their psychic power in gratifying lower animal vices.
Some people who believe they are circumspect and well con-
trolled will pry into the lives of others. With only curiosity
moving them and no loving desire to help, they will eavesdrop
and peer and speculate and question. What a waste of energy this is!

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